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This podcast was created to provide family history researchers access to a few of the 97 speakers who will present over 200 lectures at the Federation of Genealogical Societies 2008 Conference in Philadelphia, PA. This conference will be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on September 3 – 6, 2008. Also included: FGS News, Around Philly and Genealogy Jeopardy. Visit the FGS conference website to view the complete schedule and register.

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** FGS Conference website: http://www.fgsconference.org

** FGS Conference Blog: http://www.fgsconference.org/blog

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About the Podcaster

Shamele Jordon is a researcher, lecturer, writer and podcaster. The podcast, Genealogy On Demand highlights genealogical and family reunion topics. Her biographical highlights include: researcher for the PBS series Oprah’s Roots: An African American Lives Special and African American Lives II; family reunion expert on Ebony magazine’s Black Family Reunion Tour; Advisory Board member of the Family Reunion Institute of Temple University; former president of the African American Genealogy Group in Philadelphia, PA. She has lectured in the Researching African American Ancestors course at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research in Birmingham, AL since it was established in 2004.


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